Legal Representation, Analysis and Advice.

We manage Howard University's legal affairs.

The Office of the General Counsel (OGC) provides legal counsel, litigation and legal risk management, labor and employment advice, contract drafting and review, intellectual property advice and assistance, policy formation, compliance oversight and preventative advice to Howard University and the Howard University Hospital.

Our office also:

  • serves advisory and educational functions within the college community, providing training to deans, chairs and managers in matters of potential legal risk to the University.
  • represents the interests of the University in administrative and judicial proceedings. Outside counsel may be engaged by the OGC to provide additional expertise and representation when appropriate.

We do not provide personal legal advice or representation.

OGC and the Office of Procurement and Contracting (OPC) coordinate contract reviews to ensure proper review of legal and business issues, a competitive price, vendor qualifications, and placement of a requisition and/or purchase order.


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In order to create an improved workflow and ensure proper safeguards, OGC and the Office of Procurement and Contracting (OPC) have worked together to develop a new set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for procurement and contracting.  This SOP is combined with the rollout of the Workday "Scout" contracting module to bring a new and improved contracting experience, with added transparency for users.  


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